How to look up a Chicago Police report

The worst happens to all of us. We become involved in or a victim of a traffic accident, a violent crime, or a fire, while trying to live our lives in Chicago. You talk to the police, and now you need to get a police report for insurance or legal purposes. So you pull up your phone and start searching how to get one online. It sounds straightforward, right? Well, not exactly. Obtaining a police report from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) involves a few more steps than one might expect. This article will guide you through the process, emphasizing the simplest path to getting the information you need.

Understanding the Process

Firstly, know that the Chicago Police Department does not offer an online lookup for police reports. Yes, you heard that right. In today's digital age, accessing a CPD report directly from your home computer or smartphone is not an option. This might come as a surprise to many, especially considering how much of our daily tasks have moved online. Here are the online services that the Chicago Police Department offers.

Requesting Your Police Report

So, how does one obtain a police report in Chicago? There are two traditional paths: mailing in a request or visiting the headquarters in person. Both options, however, come with their set of challenges.

  • Mailing Your Request: While it seems convenient, mailing a request involves paperwork, postage, and attention to detail. You need to set it up correctly, write a letter, have postage and envelopes at the ready, and send them out correctly.
  • Visiting the Headquarters: You can also choose to visit Records division at Central Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan, 1st Floor, Room 1043, and order your police report in person. However, CPD has limited hours and no free parking. You'll have to take time off of work, pay for parking, find the right entrance, wait in multiple lines, and only then will you get your police report. For those that need the report right away, though, this is the only way to get it quickly.

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A Simpler Solution

Here's where comes into play. We make it easy to order your police report from your phone or laptop. Simply fill out the right information, and we will create and send the order for you. No stamps, no envelopes, no uncertainty, no visits to CPD headquarters. We won't see your report either, as it will be mailed directly to you.

So, while the Chicago Police Department online lookup doesn't really exist, we'll help you with the next best option: submitting the request for your police report quickly and easily.